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Los Canos Loader.

No passenger station, but was of enormous importance to the GSSR as the loading station for iron ore from Las Menas, San Miguel and Dulce María mines which came down on two cableways built in 1918. The buckets emptied into a 40,000 tonne stone hopper. Below the hopper were two tunnels that were designed to accept the GSSR iron ore wagons and to discharge the same through controlled shutters. There were three tracks, one of which was used for shunting of locos.

To load the goods trains (each consisting of twelve XXT wagons carrying 35 tonnes of ore: 420 tonnes), the train shunted from the main line via a single set of points to one of the outer tracks. The loco was then unhitched and shunted back to push the wagons into the tunnel. It then travelled onto the main line whereby it went to Serón Station to be turned on the turntable (there were none at Los Canos), hence to return to Los Canos to re-connect to the wagons for the journey to El Hornillo. The train had to return to the centre track to pass over the weighbridge before continuing its journey. The weighing operation took place without the train stopping, simply travelling slowly to allow the technician to weigh each wagon.