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TRACK between:

(Click on a stretch)

Águilas and Labradorcico

Almajalejo and Huércal Overa

Almanzora and Arboleas

Almendricos and Las Norias

Almendricos and Puerto Lumbreras

Arboleas and Zurgena

Baúl and Gorafe

Baúl and Zújar-Freila

Baza and Caniles

Baza and Zújar-Freila

Caniles and Hijate

Cantoria and Almanzora

Fines-Olula and Cantoria

Gor and Hernán-Valle

Gorafe and Gor

Hernán Valle and Guadix

Hijate and Serón

Huércal-Overa and Las Norias

Jaravía and Pulpí

Labradorcico and Jaravía

Lorca-Diego and Lorca-Sutullena

Los Canos and Tíjola

Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca Sutullena

Pulpí and Almendricos

Purchena and Fines-Olula

Serón and Los Canos

Tíjola and Purchena

Zurgena and Almajalejo