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The following items were brought from Middlesborough to Spain on the ship Caloric in 1889:

(One of many that brought material for The GSSR).

Sorry, image missing. 4,693 iron rails.
20 wagon turntables.
2 locomotive turntables.
1 iron water tank.
Iron and steel tools.
5 cranes.
18 small scales for merchandise and equipment.
5 wagon scales.
50 sets of points.
20 iron signalling discs.
20 lamps for these.
2 iron forges.
Forged iron tools.
Cotton waste.
Iron screws.
Pine wood.
2 water meters.
3 fire pumps.
Ticket dating machines.
Wood for pigeon holes.
12 station clocks.
2 iron jacks.
2 iron cash boxes.
Woollen flags.
12 bronze bells.
35 wagons.
3 third class coaches.
Plain glass.
Iron roof supports.
Iron station columns.